Damned Be The Vengeful

First Sessions

Quick summary of events before the break

Sessions Before Break
1. Independent character Intros

2. Characters get to World Fair and end up fighting together against the Green Syndicate. They are hired by the King of Eluthriem to save hostages from Greenhill in one week after the King’s army is readied to seize the city. Funeral for prince is held.

3. King tasks party to go to Langwary to get info from Algan Byre, the only person to have survived a hostage conflict with Greenhill a while back. He needs you to go urgently, for the Green Syndicate could attack their next. Algan will only give you info after you kill a giant hawk that he is obsessed with killing.

4. After killing the hawk, the party returns to Langwary to find that it is under siege by the Green Syndicate. It turns out that many of the guards there were bribed by the Green Syndicate or were Green Syndicate members in disguise; the captain of the guard was actually Willard, a Roluthir prince. The party makes it to Algan and they escape, but Smarf dies trying to save the citizens.

5. In the night Coker kills Rewis because he is too unstable. Xavier murders Algan and runs off, but Coker is able to kill him. Enos tried to stop Coker, but then the Masked Man comes and takes Enos with him, promising that he will have his revenge.


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