Wordyre "Coker" Bourne

A simple bounty hunter who is only looking for one thing... to avenge his mothers death.


Born to a wealthy family in Londor, his father disappeared in a battle, and his mother murdered when he was just a boy. he made a vow that he would avenge his mothers death. years later he joined the military. and had gotten honorable discharge after a training accident. later on he picked up bounty hunting and it became a normal part of life.

One day out on a hunt he came across this child in the plains just east of Londor. the child was out in the wild, he had no idea what he was doing out there. the only thing he had on him at the time were two Cobra hatch-lings, one black and one white. he took the child in and raised him as his own. when the boy was old enough he took up bounty hunting and soon took on a family of his own.

Coker never told anyone about the child, not even to his own brother Rewis, who are very close. but over the years they started to grow apart, and now the ties between them are unraveling and the worst is yet to some.

Wordyre "Coker" Bourne

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