Smarf the Wizened (DEAD)

An ancient traveler of the world. Do not underestimate his size.


Race: Root
Age: ~500
Class: Cleric 2
Alignment: NG
Background: Circus Performer

Traits: friendly, slightly awkward, entertaining, sensitive, sympathetic
Ideals: wants to find meaning in life through entertaining people
Bonds: Baby-Shoes, his pet baby pygmy horse, which is his best friend
Flaws: clumsy, tends not to get attached, hyperactive


As an ageless Root from the Worweald, Smarf has traveled the world many a time; he always had a passion for exploration. In his current stage of life, he has found himself as part of a traveling circus group. Before then, he had some sort of formal training that allowed him to harness the power of Lambent’s light and became a holy healer.

Upon arriving in Eluthriem, his circus crew was taken prisoner by the Green Syndicate, Smarf being spared because he was mistaken for a child.

During the Green Syndicate’s surprise attack on Langwary, Smarf decided to go an try to help those who were wounded unknowingly to his friends while they escaped the town’s razing.

Upon returning to Langwary, the party finds wagon tracks leading up to a young tree in the ground. It appears Smarf had died trying to help those in need.

Smarf the Wizened (DEAD)

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