Algan Byre (DEAD)

Retired Road-Watch Captain of Eluthriem


Was captured by the Green Syndicate after a dispute leaving a few dead on each side.

Was tortured by the Green Syndicate, but refuses to talk about it.

Retired and settled down in Langwary, creating the Sellsword Guild there.

Lost his only son and is right eye to “The Shriek”, the last of the Giant Hawks in the northern mountains Eluthriem. This led him to start relentlessly trying to kill “The Shriek”, with only injuries and the deaths of his loyal Sellsword Guild as a result.

After the attack on Langwary by the Green Syndicate, he led the remaining party and two of his guards to a cave to hide and rest for the night. While Coker was away, Xavier woke up and shot Algan in the head then ran off.

Algan Byre (DEAD)

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