Damned Be The Vengeful

Session 9: The Tomb of Sehkt Kursaat pt.2

Skeletons, Sand, and Spike Pits

Current Player Locations:
-The Tomb: Saveria, Burne, Eredanus, Lydia, Ziel, Miya
-Ziel’s Cave: Enos, Rebök, Iris (Enos’ Bat)

Figuring out the Scale
The party, after a few trials, manages to solve the puzzle of the scale; everyone in the room was required to step onto the scale, have it balance, then press the button on it to open the door to the next room.

Strangely, Ziel seemed to weigh more than the rest of the party, leading most of them to be unsure of what the scale is weighing.

Further into the Tomb
The stairs past the recently open door lead down into darkness. While traversing the stairs, Ziel, Burne, and Eredanus accidentally trigger a trap that causes the stairs to collapse into a ramp. Luckily, they catch themselves from falling down the ramp and into the spike pit waiting at the end of the stairs.

Following that room is a room with another spike pit in its center. Around the pit are several stone sarcophagi. Across the pit on the opposite side of the room are two suits of armor on each side of the door, one steel and the other gold, and a lever near the door.

After pulling the lever, it seems to activate a mechanism within the walls. The sound of moving sand becomes louder and louder, and then the holes beneath the stone sarcophagi begin gushing sand all over the room. The two suits of armor spring to life and fight the party.

The gushing sand starts to pull the party (those who are flying are unaffected) towards the spike pit. Burne ends up being pulled into the pit and landing on a few spikes. If the spikes and the armor weren’t enough, bones in the sand start to form skeletons that begin to attack as well, though most get pulled easily into the spike pit and perish.

The battle continues into next session…


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