Dryhten Roluthir – The corrupt leader of Greenhill; he is presumed to be behind the Green Syndicate’s attacks on two towns in Eluthriem (Nyssing and Langwary)

Manat Sim – Dryhten’s hired wizard from the Deserts of Toryth

Frendrick Glaine – Dryhten’s assistant; works in Dryhten’s shadow

Revhith – A succubus working for Greenhill; her intentions are unknown

Magnus Quentin Fringewell – An alchemist working for Greenhill; he has created a serum to turn the prisoners and captives of the Green Syndicate into ravenous ghouls.

Riegan “The Green Dragon” Roluthir II – Dryhten’s son and captain of the Green Syndicate; takes orders from Dryhten; has fiendish origins

The Seven Roluthir Princes – The sons of Dryhten; work for him as a part of the Green Syndicate

The Green Syndicate – Dryhten’s military force


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