Before the Advent Dawn

Long before the Advent Dawn, the daemons attacked humanity during an event which is known as the Scattering. One hero, a powerful lone-warrior named Elus, saw that even in the face of terror, two rival tribes could not come to cooperate with each other. Elus was able to unite them, telling the tribes that if they didn’t work together to survive they would all most certainly die. The tribes created a stone obelisk that represented their unity amongst the chaos that was the Scattering.

After Elus had successfully united the tribes, they managed to fight off the attacking daemons until they made it near present-day Eluthriem. Elus was then confronted by the Great-Daemon named Nemesiel, the Lord of Vengeance, who sought revenge on the tribal union for killing his minions. Elus then challenged Nemesiel to a duel and defeated him in one-on-one combat, slashing out his eye in the process with an enchanted sword. Nemesiel’s minions dragged his lifeless corpse away in grief, and Elus returned to his tribe a champion to live a full life until his death.

Post Advent Dawn

The country was ravaged by the effects of the Dragonthaw, its capital becoming overgrown with plant life after the attack from a green dragon. A faction of the city Parad’im and trade partner of Eluthriem offered to help them rebuild faster to get the country back on their feet. This greatly strengthened Eluthriem’s overall view of foreigners, though there were certain parties who were still skeptical at the time.

Unfortunately, the rebuilding did not help the later invasion of the Gothik army, who occupied Eluthriem for several years until a rebellion strong enough to fight them off arose with the help of foreign friends. From this, the old council rule was overtaken by the leaders of the rebellion and descendants to Elus himself, the Roluthirs.


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