…there lies the small nation of Eluthriem. Founded by rival tribes united by the hero Elus before the Advent Dawn, Eluthriem’s people hold strong values for unity, and also a high degree of acceptance of foreigners since they helped rebuild after the Gothik Invasion years ago. Since the founding tribes united, many of them have scattered across Rytoria to become part of other developing nations, while a few stayed on the coast of Rytoria to create Eluthriem hundreds of years later.

Eluthriem now stands on the cusp of imminent civil war; two prominent families, the Tulemor family, incumbent to the throne, and the Roluthir family, displaced from the throne for consolidating power and violently oppressing foreigners, are now getting ready to battle after the latter family made spontaneous attacks against two of Eluthriem’s settlements. With violent disputes held in the past between both families, after which war was avoided as it was viewed as unnecessary and unfruitful, none were this terrible and had resulted in nearly as many innocent casualties.

What could have caused this unexpected attack is unknown. Lord Dryhten Roluthir, current head of the family, is known to take risks, and perhaps his fruitless attacks on Eluthriem’s people have more meaning behind them. Something sinister is definitely in the works, as the motive of revenge is strong in the Roluthirs.


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