Damned Be The Vengeful

Conclusion & Epilogue
The results of your actions will ring out through time...
Session 15: Heads Reality - Saving Eluthriem pt. 2
In a split reality, the party attempts to save Eluthiem


The Coin Lands Heads, and the Story Continues

(Order of missions done in Eluthriem BEFORE going north of the Thick may be out of order)

After taking care of the ghouls in Splintershaw, the party moves on to investigate rumors regarding a “dragon of bone” heading towards Eluthriem, which unsurprisingly turns out to be a dracolich. Before the dracolich attacked, the party and the forces of Nyssing under guard captain Datu prepared. When the dracolich finally attacked, it brought with it its minions, both blights and undead. While half of the party fought the ground and dealt with a treant breaking down one of Nyssing’s gates, the other half maintained the walls and the cannons stationed at each tower. When the dracolich approached a tower where Enos was stationed, Enos decided to jump onto the dracolich and try to injure it while in its back. Enos managed to deter the dracolich from causing any further damage to Nyssing, as it recently had taken down a tower. Enos caused the dracolich to spiral in the air and eventually caused it to crash into the ground (and a house!), where Saveria dealt the final blow via her bow to its skull.

The party went to take of the dead in Brookham, where they were drawn to the Elder’s house by a voice in distress. Inside, a priestess asks for your help with getting to the chapel of Lambent not too far away. The Elder had already been killed by the undead, along with their guards, and she had no other options. The assists her in getting to the chapel, taking care of undead along the way. Leven stays behind to loot the building, which is set ablaze unbeknownst to him to take care of the undead. Leven gets out with his loot without burning to a crisp, however. The party follows the priestess into the chapel, where she shows them the undead priest who is most likely the source of the undead rising in Brookham. The party easily defeats the undead priest, and the undead start to slowly turn back into corpses. The priestess gifts the undead priest’s corrupted divine staff to the party (Eredanus takes it), and before she gives it, she says she can dispel the corruption if they so chose. Eredanus decides to have her dispel the corruption, and ends up getting a new staff with healing power.

The party then goes to deal with yet another issue in Brookham regarding a flying beast that has been killing people. The beast turns out to be a headless Shriek, a giant hawk that was killed much earlier by the party and decapitated by Rewis. The party fights it, and after weakening it, it flies off into an orphanage. Burne accidentally ignites the orphanage with his druid magic without realizing he had made a mistake, but he carries on so it doesn’t look like he didn’t mess up. The party fights the undead Shriek inside the orphanage after they lead all of the children out safely. Leven decides to ride the Shriek in hopes of taming it, but fails. The Shriek is later shot down and put down, for good this time.

Later, the party went to address a mutiny in Bladegarden, where some soldiers who refused to fight took other soldiers hostage inside of a tower. Choosing a more direct approach, Burne turned into a bear and charged into the tower with some of the other party members behind him. Burne slaughtered all but one of the soldiers, leaving their leader to be taken into custody.

Finally, the party goes to Cobbleton, only to find that raging specters are running rampant and attacking the injured soldiers. While Eredanus tends to the wounded, the party goes to try to calm the restless spirits. One specter in particular, larger than normal with visible energy swirling around him, was grasping an injured soldier wearing an eye patch and accusing him of killing his people and family (obviously mistaking him for someone else, but the specter ignores the soldier’s pleas). The raging specter is finally calmed by Saveria, who is thanked by the spirit after it calms down and before abruptly disappearing. The spirit also mentioned something about repayment.

The Plan: How to Defeat the Liches

Now that southern Eluthriem is calmed down enough that more soldiers can be focus at the Thick (the only way for any ghouls in the north can get to the more populated south), the party begins to plan. The wizards in Eluthar determined that the ley-line in the caves at Greenhill were acting as a sort of phylactery for the liches, and that separating them from it would defeat it. Several plans are brought up, such as having Asta create an earthquake to cave in the liches, using Londor technology to separate the power source keeping the liches alive, and using the teleportation stone to warp them away, which would also kill them. The party decides to go with using Londor technology that was brought up by Rikkins, which involves an antimagic bomb that will disable the ley-line momentarily, thus defeating the liches. The trip to Londor was made possible by Courtney, who shows up to the planning abruptly and reveals that a witch turned him from a moderately powerful wizard into a senile, blind, and deaf old man. Courtney teleports the party to the lab designate by Rikkins and steal the anti-magic bomb, but not before Rikkins swears at one of Baron Logarth’s (Rikkin’s old boss) employees.

Back in Eluthriem, the party begins to wheel the large antimagic bomb through the Thick and into northern Eluthriem by taking the longer way so that they avoid most of the ghouls. Courtney would’ve teleport them there, but the rampant energies from the ley-line would send the teleportation terribly off course.

The party marched to Greenhill with the antimagic bomb on a decently long journey, resting only once. Along the way, they pass through Langwary, where they encounter some ghouls (some of which are alarmed by Leven’s charging into battle). The party is assisted by a mysterious chariot rider, who turns out to be an undead Xavier who is now only capable of saying a few words.

The party continues to Greenhill, and discover the entrance is blocked by a large demon. Courtney decides that he will hold off this demon (a Barlgura), while the party continues into Greenhill. Once inside, they wheel the bomb through the desolate and destroyed town into the caves to the liches. Burne and Rikkins decide that they will deliver the bomb. The party also notices that there are people in Greenhill manor and decides to deal with them later.

On the way, Burne and Rikkins have a (somewhat) heart-to-heart conversation, with Burne ending up finishing the talk being more kind than usual towards Rikkins. Rikkins also reminds Burne of the death letters that he wishes for Burne to deliver if RIkkins does not make it out. The two finally get into the cave, and they continue to push the bomb uphill towards the ley-line. The liches notice this instantly and begin flinging spells at them.

Burne was targeted by one of the lich’s disintegration spells, but Rikkins jumped in the way and took the hit. Rikkins was vaporized, save for a few mementos that he dropped (his glasses and his pocket watch).

Burne ends up taking a hit from one of the liches while in bear form, but survives after reverting back to human form (the hit has left him with a permanent black scar on his chest). Burne successfully delivers the bomb to the ley-line and activates it. The bomb unleashed a great wave of suppressive energies, turning the world gray in the explosion’s wake. The liches start to shriek in pain as they fall and crumble to ash (save for their bejeweled skulls, which stay intact). Burne then collected Rikkin’s belongings that were left and leaves the cave.

The party then continues to Greenhill manor to deal with anyone who may be left…

Session 14: Heads Reality - Saving Eluthriem pt. 1
In a split reality, the party attempts to save Eluthiem

Traveling to Eluthriem from Dexter takes 3 days…


The Coin Lands Heads, and the Story Continues

The party, in the heads reality, continues towards Eluthriem to hopefully save it from the liches that now torment the land. The journey back to Eluthriem from Dexter takes approximately 3 days.

Upon arriving in Eluthriem, the party is soon informed by a high ranking military official of Eluthriem that they need help south of the Thick, as their forces are spread too thin. With out additional support in dealing with issues around Eluthriem, the army won’t be able to focus enough efforts at the Thick to keep the undead from reaching southern Eluthriem (the only part of Eluthriem that hasn’t been lost already).

On that note, the party has a choice of 6 different tasks to deal with.
1. A dragon of bone was seen flying towards Nyssing from the north
2. A flying beast has been attacking people in Brookham
3. The dead have been rising in Brookham, and help is needed to thin them out
4. A few ghouls have been seen heading through the Tuskwood and could be headed toward Splintershaw
5. A mutiny in Bladegarden needs to be addressed
6. Injured soldier brought to Cobbleton to heal have not reported back for more than 24 hours; a scout sent their has not yet returned

The party decides to deal with the 4th issue first. They reach Splintershaw, only to witness hunters running into the woods armed with swords and rifles, while citizens were being led back to their homes by the druid Asta. Soon ghouls start emerging from the woods, and after the party downs a couple, Jord (an old acquaintance of Saveria) is seen wandering out of the woods, injured severely. It appears he has been bitten on the neck by a ghoul, and though he says he will be fine, it is clear that he won’t be. Burne acts swiftly and burns Jord to death before he can come back as a ghoul. Saveria was emotionally hurt by this, but Burne had to do what needed to be done. Saveria and the party head to Asta’s home and defend it from ghouls, and Saveria is reunited with her beloved animals, Lightning and Boris. Saveria then helps Asta create a potion of breath weapon (ended up being an average fire breath weapon potion), giving her and Saveria a fire breath weapon for a while.

The party has successfully completed this task, and moves onto the next one…

Session 13: Taking Both Paths
When the party is torn between two decisions, they make both.


The party arrives in Dexter, landing in Burne’s home promptly at dinner time. Burne lands on his dining table, breaking it, and says promptly after getting his bearings says, “Wasn’t me”,
with the rest of the party landing around him. Burne’s children and the woman hired to watch them are in shock; Burne’s children are still very excited to see him though.

The party takes lodgings in Burnes house for the night; Burne places the jar of Leven’s dust in a secure chest and leaves it for the night. In the morning, the party is awoken by the screaming of Burne’s hired nursemaid. In front of the chest, now opened after the nursemaid saw and heard it shaking, sits a naked Leven. Burne throws a blanket over him in haste to cover him up.

An Oath, Broken
Later, Leven asks Burne to be taken to Dexter’s elders. After entering the Elder’s hut, one of the Elder’s apprentices notices the disease festering on Burne’s wrist and takes him to the side to be healed while Leven is taken to one of the elders. There they contact Leven’s deity, the Maiden, by burning herbs on an open fire. Smoke fills the room, and the Maiden greets Leven, her voice seemingly carrying a troubled feeling. When asked for directions to get home, Leven is given this response…

“You may not come home, Leven. You have been cursed with undeath and carry a foul taint within you. I can assist you in removing this curse, but this quest is your own. I wish for your soul to not be tarnished by such darkness, and I fear there may only be one cure for this (the Maiden is implying death, permanent in Leven’s case). I know this will be difficult for you to accept, but this is how it must be. I urge you to stay true to your oath, as you will always be my child. Goodbye, Leven.”

Leven is shocked to hear this revelation; the Elder accompanying Leven has no words and is speechless. Later, Leven renounces his oath to become and Oathbreaker Paladin, taking on the alias “The Phoenix”, referring to his regenerative abilities after dying and his burning hatred for his now ex-deity. The last words the Maiden leaves for Leven echo in the back of his head as Leven’s breaking of the oath is finalized; “I’ll always be besides you, my child”.

To Save Eluthriem, or Not
Later at noon, the party comes to a stand still in reaching a final decision; should the party go back to Eluthriem to save it or not? Burne was told personally by the Elder on the halfling isle that at least one of the party members will die if they return to Eluthriem to save it. Burne and Leven hold no ties to Eluthriem, while Saveria wishes to save her pets and also become a hero to give her life purpose. Enos was born and raised in Eluthriem as a child, but after becoming a pirate begins to see that wherever his friends are is his true home. Enos does in the end come to the conclusion to save Eluthriem however.

[Get Eredanus’s and Miya’s take on the whole situation and whether or not they would want to help Eluthriem]

A Shady Individual
Unannounced and uninvited, a tall, slender man appears at the door, leaning up against the door frame and flipping a coin. He says he notices the party has reached a stand still, and offers help. Burne readies a flame to throw at the man coming into his home uninvited, but the man waves his hand and cancels out his flame, surprising Burne. The man asks the party what they would think about making both decisions, flipping a single coin around in his hands only to reveal two separate coins, one showing heads and the other tails. He leaves the single coin on the table and essentially tells the party that the coin will let them make both decisions, weigh them, and choose to live one of the paths instead of the other; for example, if you live in one choice and die in the other, you can choose to keep the reality you live in and remove the other one while being aware of each reality at all times.

Burne is, wisely, skeptical about trusting this man (but somehow the man knew that Burne would want to see one of the realities as it affects his gravely). Saveria ends up flipping the coin, landing it on the table.

In one world, it lands heads, and the party goes to save Eluthriem.

In another world, it lands tails, and the party abandons Eluthriem.

Session 12: An Expected Visit / Return to Eluthriem
The party is burning to get off the island...

The Isle of Urzwick

After the teleportation stone’s unfortunate malfunction, the party landed in the small village of Vysowyth on the Isle of Urzwick. The isle, one of several in a chain, was populated by a tribal halfling community called the Urzu who revered their island as a protective god. The people greeted the party with curiosity, as they do not have many of their kind on their island. Communicating with most of the Urzu was difficult, as most did not speak common.

Most of the party was stricken with teleportation sickness, so Leven, Burne, and Enos explored the island in the meantime.

Burne went to the shore to try to build a way to get off the island. He started to string the canoes made by the Urzu down by the fishing area to make a large raft able to sustain the party and himself. An Urzu fisherman came to greet Burne, and despite him being able to speak common, Burne showed now interest as he was busy at work making his raft.

Enos left Lydia at the sleephouse and told the head of the sleephouse to tell Lydia that Enos was killed when she woke up.

The Elder of the Soup

Leven went to a most notable hut on the island; it was rather tall and had a thin plume of grey smoke coming out of the time of the conical roof. There, Leven met an old Urzu who was busy stirring his spoon in a large pot. The old halfing looked up from his pot at Leven and told him that he was expecting his arrival, and that he knows how to get you back to Rytoria. First, he required that Leven gather his able-bodied friends.

Leven went to round up Burne and Enos. He found Enos walking about the village, and later found Burne down by the shore. Before they found him, Burne met Rook, who was, to his surprise, a human. Rook tells him that he is a trader that was shipwrecked during a storm and ended up on the island. Leven told Burne and Enos that he found a way to recharge the portal stone and get back home, but Burne would not comply. In response, Leven kicked Burne’s raft into the water.

When meeting Rook, Enos noticed that his bracelet bore the symbol of the Laughing Skulls, one of the most cruel pirate gangs in the world. He relayed this information to Burne, but hey decided not to do anything about it yet.

Back at the old Urzu’s hut, the man reveals his name to be Kudwok Woodpsoon, elder of Vysowyth and the Urzu. He also revealed he knew Burne’s name after seeing an image of a bear in his pot, causing Burne to be freaked out and leave the hut immediately. In order to recharge the teleportation stone, Elder Kudwok first needed fresh soup ingredients. He gave a list of things needed from the party:

-1 mackerel
-1 sunfish
-a handful of Limbercap
-vegetables from the center of the village
-stirge wings
-a man-eating plant seed

Before the three left, Kudwok showed them visions in his soup of what had become of Eluthriem. Dark forces attempt to conquer the land, as the four skeletons holding the essence of an ancient fiend have been each turned into liches that are drawing power from the ley-line within the caves of Greenhill’s mountains. The ghouls, Greenhill’s plan to defeat Eluthriem’s army, are now under the control of the liches, as well as the risen dead. Some of the undead are injecting the living with a green serum instead of killing them, turning them into ghouls. The nobles of Greenhill are trapped inside Greenhill manor, which is now entangled in vines. A final vision shows a skeletal dragon eclipsing the sun as dark cloud fill the sky.

Grocery Shopping

Enos went to buy the mackerel and vegetables from the center of the village, and then went to fish for the sunfish. After a few attempts at fishing, a nearby Urzu begins to mock his pathetic fishing. The rude Urzu expertly fishes out of the water a sunfish and gives it to Enos, throwing it into his chest.

The party asks about the other ingredients, and learns that they can find them in the island’s small jungle. The party first encounters a small group of stirges, who they manage to slay easily. Next, Burne finds some limbercap, and after enjoying a mouthful looks for more. After looking for more he finds them,but unknowingly stumbles into the sight of two very territorial cockatrices. They peck at Burne and Leven, paralyzing only Leven as the limbercap Burne ingested makes him immune to the paralysis. The party dispatches the cockatrices, but a gunshot from Enos causes a swarm of stirges to start to move towards the loud noise. They manage to get away from the stirges and continue their search for ingredients. They find a man-eating plant and near it a boot. What was strange was that the boot was sized for a man much larger than a halfing. The boot looked half chewed and had footprints leading from it and away from the man-eating plant. Burne discerns that the seeds are underneath the plant in the dirt, so he comes up with the idea of turning into a mole and burrowing under the plant and stealing them without disturbing the plant. The plan goes successfully, and the party returns to Elder Kudwok with the ingredients.

Burning Alive
Kudwok reveals that the only way to recharge the portal stone is to travel to one of the elemental planes an slay the creatures there to absorb their power. Using his ancient oracle magic, he was able to allow the stone to absorb energy. Unfortunately for Enos, Burne, and Leven, the only plane Kudwok could get them to was the elemental plane of fire. But there was a catch…

Kudwok had Enos open a chest inside his hut, which is revealed to be filled with coals. Kudwok says that the only way to travel to the elemental plane of fire is to burn alive on enchanted coals. The ritual would be done in the morning.

Before this, the party meets up with Rook again. They question how he arrived on the island again, only for Rook to give a different story that he was on a passenger ship. Rook reacted to the accusations of being a pirate by simply turning around and leaving. In response, Burne blasted him from the back with a firebolt, defeating him instantly, his last words being that his brothers will avenge him. Leven rushes over to heal him, wanting to know about his comrades he talked about; a now conscious Rook only cursed Leven, who them promptly slit Rook’s throat. Leven gives Rook’s scimitar to a nearby Urzu, who then runs off in fear.

In the middle of the night, Burne starts to build another raft. Enos stays with the Elder for the night. The Elder knows he is trying to avoid someone (Lydia), but refuses to meddle in his affairs as it is not his destiny to do so. Meanwhile, Leven goes out to the jungle and smokes his pipe, calling on Worva for advice, and she tells Leven that he should trust the halfling elder. Leven stays up all night contemplating his decision to trust Elder Kudwok and reaches the conclusion that he should go through with the ritual.

Adding to the Collection

While Enos, Leven, and Burne were finding a way back home, Saveria, still affected by teleportation sickness, went looking to buy a new pet. She bought a pink parakeet from a bird trainer, adding a new member to her family of pets.

Into the Inferno

Morning comes, and the party gathers around the Elder’s Hut for the ritual. The three are offered restraints, as rolling off the coals mid-ritual would make the burns permanent. Only Enos and Leven accept the restraints; Burne refuses them. The ritual begins after the three lay down on the coals. Kudwok tells the party that he will know exactly when to recall them back. Some Urzu start dancing around the coals, while Elder Kudwok starts to chant words aloud. For Enos and Leven, they are able to take the pain and transfer to the plane of fire. Burne, without his restraints, reflexively starts to roll off of the bed of coals. Two Urzu rush over to keep him from rolling off, holding him down on the coals.

The three make it to the plane of fire, landing on a small piece of hardened volcanic rock in the middle of a sea of lava. The black skies were lit up by streaks of fire from from horizon to horizon, and the heat caused all but Enos (as he was a tiefling and was wearing fire-resistant armor) to immediately become dripping with sweat. Soon after their arrival, elemental creatures, magmins and mephits, start attacking in pairs, exploding on death. After downing a few, the portal stone glowed with power again. Unfortunately for Leven, he was killed at the hands of an elemental creature.

Kudwok recalled the three back soon after the stone was recharged. Strangely, after Leven’s body was taken from the coals. he turned to dust. Kudwok said to take Leven’s remains in a jar with them along with his equipment, as he was not truly gone from this world. The party gathers around Burne, who is about to use the teleportation stone.

The party, one by one, enters the portal to Dexter. Burne is the last to enter, and speaks his final words to Elder Kudwok…

" Watch what I do… * walks into portal * " – Burne Dreyfus

Session 11: Manticores and Malfunctions
The party tries to get back to Eluthriem, but...

In Ziel’s Cave

The party continues to fight the manticore, who is lashing out spikes from his tail towards everyone in the cave. Ziel casts a spell in the middle of the pool in the cave, calling upon dark, twisted forces from the fringes of the cosmos. The spell creates a large blackness hat encompasses the pool and the manticore, hurting him greatly.

After the spell fades, Ziel is eventually knocked unconscious by a tail spike launched from the manticore into his chest. Fortunately enough, Ziel’s spell awakens the cave pool creating a water weird to attack anything nearby (as it was awakened when the party first came to the cave). The water weird grapples the manticore, as it is the closest, giving the party an offensive advantage. The party dispatches the manticore, which is then dragged down to the bottom of the pool. Burne tries to throw Rikkins into the pool after paralyzing him with a poisoned dart, but Lydia manages to save him. It is made evident that Burne does not enjoy Rikkin’s company, and Rikkins will remember this.

During the whole fight, Saveria went outside to hide after uing her bow to slip into the ethereal plane unnoticed while the manticore fought the party. From a great distance she could see 2 people coming towards the cave. Saveria returns to the cave after she is sure the fighting has stopped.

The Death of Ziel…?
After the party recuperates from the fight, they are struck with terrible news; Ziel Dief had died after bleeding out from a spike wound. Lying cold on the floor, the party looted his ritual book and necklace from him.

Entering the cave soon after are two men, both natives to Eluthriem (the 2 people Saveria spotted before in the distance). They come in yelling in Torythian that they have come to slay Ziel and take his things. The encounter got out of hand, and as the party (especially Burne) were starting to distrust these people, Burne quickly tried to poison and later killed one of the men after he took out a dagger, The other man tried to run away from the party, but was killed and drowned by the water weird.

Saveria, while holding the necklace, starts to hear a voice speaking in short, broken up phrases. The voice begins telling her to use the ritual to restore the voice’s soul to his body and that Ziel stole his body from him. After tying up Ziel’s body, they preform the ritual, putting the voice’s soul back into his supposed original body.

Awakening after the ritual, the new person in Ziel’s body reveals himself. His name is "", and he tells the party that Ziel is evil and was only using the party for his own desire to become immortal; his scheme involved eating the mummy heart which would keep him from aging and gaining power. Ziel had even gone as far as planning to steal Saveria’s body for his own use. The shadow that had been attacking her was controlled by Ziel and was supposed to weaken her to the point where Ziel could take her body. Ziel even used the shadow to stop Saveria from dying at the mummy’s had (after the mummy regenerated).

"" says that he has proof of Ziel’s evil and goal for immortality, and after getting the party to untie him, he leads them to the back of the cave. There, he shows the party a rune inscribed with chalk on the wall; this rune was creating a false wall. behind the wall led to Ziel’s secret workshop, where he kept his original body as a reminder of what he is after.

The Undead Still Pose a Threat!
Apparently, eating the heart was not the end of the undead in this area. The heart needed to be digested and absorbed in the body of the consumer before the mummy, and the undead by proxy, would be defeated. As the final hour of the undead approached and as the heart was almost fully digested, the undead were frenzied and could detect where the consumer of the heart was. "" detected this and warned the party, telling them that they needed to recharge the teleportation stone fast and leave the cave. After the spell-casters of the party recharge the stone using the ley-line in the cave (the only way to recharge the stone as told by Ziel while he was alive), the undead get close to the cave and get ready to swarm it.

The Fishing VIllage of Dext- Wait, Why are there Halflings?
In the final moments of the party’s time in Toryth, Burne takes the stone and thinks of his home village of Dexter as the target for the teleportation. As the undead entered the cave, the party warped out soon after.

The teleportation brought the party several feet off the ground, landing them with a thud. The party discerns that they’ve ended up in a fishing village, but not the one intended. Instead of ending up in Dexter, the party had landed on an isle, one of several, populated by halfings.

With the teleportation stone out of charge, how will they party return to Eluthriem?
Perhaps the inhabitants of the isle can assist…

One in particular had foreseen your arrival.

Session 10: Laid to Rest
"Out in the desert, like mummy, no one has heart"

The Tomb
The party manages to defeat the animated armors guarding the door leading deeper into the tomb. The door blocking the party’s path to the mummy depicted 2 helmets hitting into each other; this alluded to how the door was to be opened, which was by taking the helmets of the animated armor and clanging them together. The party realizes this and continues forward after opening the door.

The party makes it to the main burial chamber. Inside were a a few zombies, and while the party as fighting them the doors to the room shut closed behind them. At the end of the room was a sarcophagus, the top of which was pushed open by the mummy of Sehkt Kursaat. He calls forward 2 animated swords to assist in fighting the party. The zombies and animated swords were no match for the party, and the mummy was defeated easily. Now nothing stood between the party and the mummy’s heart except for a door with an inscription of a riddle which read:

“I cover cities, and destroy mountains. I make men blind, but will help you find your way”

The answer to the riddle was to throw sand at the door, causing it to fade away. With the door opened, the mummy’s burial stash was revealed, along with the jars that held its heart. Waiting in the room was an ochre jelly that was clinging to the ceiling, waiting to attack anyone who entered. It was a slight inconvenience to the party, but it was defeated. The party claimed their share of the loot while Ziel took the mummy’s heart, then left the tomb.

Ziel and Burne go through the ratman community to exit the tomb and tell the rest of the party back the way they came in. The rest of the party gets help fro the gargoyle to phase past the fallen rock that blocked the entrance, and then they started going back to Ziel’s cave. Ziel and Burne return to Azajin after slaying the mummy, and are given water to drink (Burne does not drink it). Azajin wants the ritual to be performed here in the underbelly of the ruins and turns down Ziel’s desire to have it done back at his cave.

Ziel and Burne carry out their plan to kill Azajin. Ziel’s persuades Umad, his contractor, to give them payment early as he and Burne had to make a quick escape. Ziel and Burne confront Azajin for a final time. Burne bows, and while rising back up he shoots Azajin with a paralyzing dart from the vemon from his snakes. Ziel then casts one of his warlock spells, Hunger of Hadar, to finish off Azajin. Azajin’s guards are frantic to save their leader, but there is not much they can do because of Ziel’s spell. Ziel escapes on Burne’s back while he is in his animal form. They make it out of the tomb and regroup with the party.

While the rest of the party was separated from Ziel and Burne, the manticore confronted them and asked why the undead have not fallen. The party tells them that they are headed back to their cave to complete the ritual to destroy the mummy and put the undead to rest once and for all. The manticore complies with this.

With the party regrouped back at the cave, they manage to convince the manticore that the heart was still back at the tomb. Saveria goes with the manticore back to the tomb and retrieve another canopic jar that contained another organ of the mummy, hoping to fool the manticore.

The Ritual

At midnight, Ziel starts the rital and consumes the rotten mummy heart. Before he can start the ritual, somethings triggers inside of him, dealing massive damage and knocking him unconscious. He is then recovered and proceeds with the ritual, though terribly weak.

During this, he throws up the heart and forces himself to consume the regurgitated pieces (which he does successfully). Nasty.

While in the tomb, Saveria is knocked unconscious by the mummy who had regenerated (as the ritual had not yet been finalized) and becomes moments away from death, but she is saved by a shadowy figure.

Saveria returns with the canopic jar containing the “heart”, and soon the manticore performs a sneak attack on the party, saying “compensation” before grabbing at Lydia.

Burne throws Rikkins to the manticore, but Rikkins escapes the manticore’s clutches.

The encounter is continued next session…

Session 9: The Tomb of Sehkt Kursaat pt.2
Skeletons, Sand, and Spike Pits

Current Player Locations:
-The Tomb: Saveria, Burne, Eredanus, Lydia, Ziel, Miya
-Ziel’s Cave: Enos, Rebök, Iris (Enos’ Bat)

Figuring out the Scale
The party, after a few trials, manages to solve the puzzle of the scale; everyone in the room was required to step onto the scale, have it balance, then press the button on it to open the door to the next room.

Strangely, Ziel seemed to weigh more than the rest of the party, leading most of them to be unsure of what the scale is weighing.

Further into the Tomb
The stairs past the recently open door lead down into darkness. While traversing the stairs, Ziel, Burne, and Eredanus accidentally trigger a trap that causes the stairs to collapse into a ramp. Luckily, they catch themselves from falling down the ramp and into the spike pit waiting at the end of the stairs.

Following that room is a room with another spike pit in its center. Around the pit are several stone sarcophagi. Across the pit on the opposite side of the room are two suits of armor on each side of the door, one steel and the other gold, and a lever near the door.

After pulling the lever, it seems to activate a mechanism within the walls. The sound of moving sand becomes louder and louder, and then the holes beneath the stone sarcophagi begin gushing sand all over the room. The two suits of armor spring to life and fight the party.

The gushing sand starts to pull the party (those who are flying are unaffected) towards the spike pit. Burne ends up being pulled into the pit and landing on a few spikes. If the spikes and the armor weren’t enough, bones in the sand start to form skeletons that begin to attack as well, though most get pulled easily into the spike pit and perish.

The battle continues into next session…

Session 8: The Tomb of Sekht Kursaat, pt.1
In the dark, dead things stir...

Arrival at the Tomb
After the party’s troublesome journey, they finally arrive at the Tomb. Ziel leads the party to the entrance he had previously discovered. While the party tries to budge open the door, Burne notices that the gargoyle above the entrance meets eyes with him and is in fact mobile. The gargoyle peak to the party, saying that the entryway has suffered from an unforeseen collapse, and that he would gladly allow passage through his own means if each party member did something to entertain him.

Saveria entertains him with her dragon wings by preforming stunts in the air, while Lydia tells of interesting dwarven lore. The gargoyle, who reveals his name to be Xizam, allows them passage via melding them through the stone with him.

- Absent Players -
Eredanus performs a song sung in 5 different languages, but executes it so terribly that Xiam helps him pass. Miya performs a seductive danceinvolving her posterior region that entices Xixam to let her pass.

Burne and Ziel’s Alternate Path

Burne and Ziel however decide to try another way in, not wanting to waste spells to amuse the gargoyle. They walk around the ruins for a bit and both at the same time discern a patch of sand as an illusion (both rolled nat 20’s!). They venture through the illusory sand and find stairs descending into the earth, perhaps the underbelly of Ra’ital. They run into two rat-faced men who threaten them with loaded crossbows. Burne and Ziel, feeling threatened, fight back with haste. One of these ratmen transforms himself into a giant rat and bites Burne, which leads to an infection later on…

Burne and Ziel down both ratmen and continue deeper down the stairs. They are confronted by more ratmen, which Burne spots peeking around the corner. They successfully lie to the questioning ratmen, armed with crossbows, that they were allowed in. They are granted access to what Burne and Ziel discover as a small community of ratpeople. They are taken immediately to their leader, Azajin, for questioning, as is customary with all travelers not from their community.

Braving the Tomb

Meanwhile, Saveria and Lydia have made it into the Tomb. As the gargoyle mocks the party, saying how he hopes he “built the Tomb to their liking”, they encounter the first trap, a magnetic ceiling. THe ceiling takes all of the duos metal weapons, but because Lydia was wearing chain mail, she was unfortunately pulled to the ceiling. Zombies slowly start to enter the room and Saveria beings to fight them, while Lydia removes her armor while stuck on the ceiling to aid Saveria in battle. The two defeat the zombies, and are able to locate a panel in the room, behind which the arcane mechanics behind the trap are found. Lydia disables the trap and regains all of hers and Saveria’s metal equipment and press forward.

The next room in the Tomb was square and had 4 sets of stairs along the edges of the room, leading to the exit. In the middle of the room is a pit filled with quicksand, which Lydia impressively identifies with her intuition. By each set of stairs was a long tapestry, which the two believed to house some sort of trap to knock them into the quicksand. Saveria, using her dragon wings, flew Lydia so that the stairs could be avoided, as it as believed that they were trapped, leaving only the two skeletons at the exit of the room as the only significant challenge.

The next room that the two encountered housed a great difficulty for the two. In the room were eight sarcophagi and a stone door closed shut. Saveria and Lydia discern that the way through the door was related with one of the sarcophagi, so they searched each of the eight for traps and narrowed it down to two. They both agreed to open the two sarcophagi at the same time; Saveria had opened hers to discover a lever, while Lydia opened hers to discover rust spores. The rust spores devoured her mace, shield, and even armor. Afraid to pull the lever in case it was trapped, Lydia uses a rope to pull it from a distance. As a result, the door leading out of this room opens.

The two leave the room and find stairs leading down. On the stairs are a few zombies coming towards them. The two expertly lead them out of the stairs and keep them at a distance while attacking them, taking advantage of their slow speed. They maneuver around the final zombie, which later fell down the stairs and broke its legs. In the next room they find a large scale, yet another stone door closed shut, and 2 large holes leading to tunnels on the left and right sides of the room (relative to the entrance).

Ziel and Burne meet Azajin

Ziel and Burne are walked through the darkness of the stinking lair of the ratmen by a ratman named Kipf, to their leader, Azajin. Luckily for the party, Kipf could speak common, so he translated between Azajin and the two. There, Azajin questions the two about their backgrounds and where they were from. Azajin finds it odd how a Rytorian would be in the Wastes of Toryth, a question to which Burne answers as “a long story”. Ziel mentions their quest to defeat the mummy in the Tomb, and Azajin’s interests become peaked. Azajin says that they would deeply appreciate if they could defeat the mummy, as the undead would stop attacking their community and they could safely expand into the worm tunnels and the Tomb as well. Azajin promises them refuge in their community for a while if they are successful, no permanent residency. Azajin has Kipf lead the two towards the opening of the worm tunnels, as it is revealed that they connect to the Tomb itself. Along the way, Burne notices that 3 ratmen are struggling to fix a broken ballista they fished out from the sands on the surface. Burne attempts to help them fix it, but breaks it beyond repair instead. The ratmen argue with Burne for a while, demanding that he find them a new ballista, while Ziel is pulled off to the side by a shady ratman.

The ratman with Ziel leads him to his quarters, where he promises a highly valuable black sapphire if he preforms a task for him; killing Azajin. The ratman introduces himself as Umad, and says that the community would be a lot better off being a topside raiding warband. He predicts that they could even take out the gnolls and claim their oasis, giving them all the water and sweet cactus fruit they could want. Ziel accepts this offer, but Umad has a few terms: Ziel cannot have the murder trace back to Umad, and if caught, Ziel must leave their community.

Ziel leaves Umad and meets up with Burne to being their to delve into the worm caves. The two encounter three desolate swords lying on the cave ground, but notice something eerie about them. Walking past them, they rise between the two and appear to act with minds of their own. Ziel casts darkness on one of the swords, but seems to have no affect on it, as its vision is not based on sight. Burne and Ziel flee, taking only right turns, and encounter a group of three skeletons. Surrounded, the two skillfully dispatch their foes, with Ziel fighting off the animated swords and Burne fighting the skeletons. Taking a final right turn, the group finally gets into the Tomb, ending up in a room with a large scale, the same room as Lydia and Saveria are currently.

The Party Reunites

The party finally reunites in the same room of the Tomb, and find they are faced with a challenge; a mysterious scale. Before any strategy could be planned, Burne presses a button the scale. This summons a floating, flaming skull that attacks the party viciously, almost killing Saveria were it not for Lydia’s healing. The flaming skull is defeated, and the party resumes thinking of how to pass this room.

Ziel’s map of the Tomb’s layout reveals that the scale is somehow linked to the door. Written by the map’s depiction of the scale is the Torythian script symbol for “souls”.

The party discerns that the scale, large enough to hold people, is meant for them to stand on it. After several trials of a few party members standing on the scale, they come up empty handed.

Saveria asks her ring of whispers for advice, but the advice given seems to put her on edge. Ziel takes note of this, and restrains her while threatening to cut off her wings if she didn’t speak. All she says is that the flaming skull isn’t their biggest problem right now.

The party resumes thinking of how to deal with the room’s puzzle after a night’s rest…

Session 7: The Warlock's Cave
The warlock asks a favor of the party

The morning after arriving at the cave, Ziel Dief asks a favor of the party. The existence of undead in this area was caused by the rise of the deceased Sehkt Kursaat, an ancient Torythian warlord who is now a risen mummy. Kursaat’s tomb was never finished and was lost to the sands along with the City of Ra’ital. Ziel had recently discovered the location of the entrance to the tomb in the ruins of Ra’ital, but without assistance he would not be able to defeat the mummy. The party agrees to help take care of the risen mummy after Ziel had saved them from possibly dying from exhaustion.

Before leaving for Ra’ital, Ziel assists Burne and Miya with their issue of having their bodies swapped. Ziel says he can use an ancient ritual that he can preform to swap the souls back to their respective bodies. This ritual requires the light of the moon, so the party waits another night in the oasis cave until the ritual is complete.

Along the way to Ra’ital, the party encountered a few obstacles impeding on their progress to slay the mummy:

- They run into giant poisonous snakes that spring out from behind a rock; Burne’s speak to animal spell allowed them to avoid fighting the agitated snakes

- A manticore flying overhead swooped down and confronted the party. He told them that he would grant anyone who surrendered to him a swift death; anyone else would die slowly and painfully. Eredanus convinces the manticore not to fight them, as they were on a quest that would benefit the manticore; by defeating the mummy in the ruins of Ra’ital, the manticore would have more prey that is not being killed off by the roaming undead. The manticore agreed to this, but promised to come and eat them later if he ever saw them again.

-The party is attacked by two bandits, each riding a camel. They are no match for the party as they defeat them with ease, their camels running off away from their now deceased owners.

-The party finds a lone man lying up against a rock. He says his name is Hammud Khal, guard from Parad’im, and was wrongly exiled for disobeying the orders of his superiors. He wishes to join the party and is allowed, only after having his weapons taken away from him first.

-The party’s path to Ra’ital is blocked by a roaming horde of 20 or so skeletons. The party decides to camp out in a cave for a night and wait for the horde to pass.

Late that night…
While waiting for the horde to pass, Ziel takes first watch. Hammud, who had been forgotten about after allowed to travel with the party, stealthily retrieves his sword and brings it to Ziel’s throat while he is on watch. Meanwhile, a mysterious shadow attacks Saveria in her sleep. The shadow halts his attack on Saveria and turns his attention to Hammud. The shadow flees from the cave, but attacks Hammud on the way out, distracting him. Ziel retaliates against Hammud using his warlock magic, and an awoken Saveria bursts his head open with a well-placed witch bolt.

The party leaves the cave in the morning to continue towards Ra’ital. On the way, they encounter straggling skeletons from the previously passed horde. They are no match for the party and prove only to be a very minor obstacle.

After the fight and a 15 minute walk, the party finally makes it to Ra’ital.


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